1. At “4th Lunabotics Competition” organized by NASA in USA, our team became 1st in “Outreach project” & “Luna worldwide Award” section. We also secured 2nd position in “System Engineering” section and 3rd in “Team spirit Award”.

2. Inter University design contest: In 2013 Engineering Student Association Bangladesh (ESAB) and B-Scan jointly organized a Design Contest named “Inter University Design Contest”. There among 80 teams 3 was form MIST Robotics Club. From those teams one team become runner up and another was semifinalist.


3. ICIEV: In 2013 “International Conference on Informatics, Electronics and Vision” held in Dhaka University. In this conference project show 7 team participated from MIST Robotics Club and one of our project got best project award.


4. CUET Robo Race: CuetRobo Race is arranged by Robo-Machatronics Association, CUET every year. In 2013 we registered 7 teams from MIST Robotics Club and made 4 robots with robotic arm. But for some difficulties of CUET this competition didn’t hold.

5. We worked on a small Military unmanned vehicle.


  1. A team of 4 from MIST won the Bronze medal in International Research, Invention and Innovation Competition which took place in Malaysia in June, 2014 . The members of the team were Nowrin Jahan Proma, Shakila Alam, Nazifa Rumman and Maisha Mesbah, graduated from MIST on 2015. Their project titled “Agrobot” was an automated robot for gripping and cutting of paddy thus making the hectic work of paddy harvesting easier. The Project was greatly appreciated in International Competition and also won the ICEEICT Project Competition in MIST in the same year.

2. We secured total 3 positions in IUT Macceleration. We became 2nd runner up in Project showcasing. 1st runner up both in poster presentation & Business idea section.

  1. This year in “National Robotics Festival” 4 team was participated from MIST Robotics Club. One of them have become Runner up.


  1. A team from MIST Robotics Club became runner up in ICEEICT – 2015 project show competition in Jahangir Nagar University. This team was also the champion of Robofest – 2015 project show held at MIST.
  2. A team named “Spid3r5” became 2nd in the EEE day project show in BUET in 2015. Their project was android based sensor controlled car. They built a mini robot & controlled it with mobile.
  3. A team from MIST Robotics Club named ‘MIST Rejects’ won 2nd prize in category 1(1st and 2nd year) with a “Surveillance Robot” at BUET in EEE day 2015 redefined project show event organized by IEEE BUET student branch.


  1. In this year MRC arranged the biggest inter university robotic competition of Bangladesh ‘ROBOLUTION-2016’. In Robolution – 2016 Robo Extrreme team became champion in Robo Fight, Unanamed Arial vehice became Runner up in Project Showcasing, Surveillance Robot became champion in poster-presentation and in Robo olympiad all the champion, runnerups were our student.
  2. Team ‘Uncertain’ was the runner up of Line Follower segment in CYBERNAUTS-2016 held at NSU.
  3. Team ‘INVINCIBLE MIST’ attended in Line Follower Competition of this year’s ‘Mecceleration’ and ‘Esonance’ both organized by IUT. In both of them they were in top 5 teams. In ‘Technovanza’ they became 2nd Runner up which was organized by NSU. They also achieved 2nd position in ‘RoboFest16’.
  4. In December a team from this club became 4th in a project competition organized by “BiddutUnnoyon Board” in occasion of “BiddutSoptaho”. The project was solar based & was designed for disable people.


  1. In this year ‘ROBOLUTION‘ we achieved total two prizes. Team INVINCIBLE MIST became champion in battle of bots and in solid-works challenge we secured the 1st prize.
  2.  In Techkriti organised by IIT,Kanpur a team from club secured 1st position in skypark segment and 2nd position in multirotor segment in Bangladesh round and also participated in the final round of the tournament at Kanpur, India.
  3. Team ‘Infinity MIST’ became runner up in project showcasing in this year’s  ‘Mecceleration’ organised by IUT.
  4. In “National Power & Energy Hackathon 2017” one team named SunLumo containing current club members and alumni became 1st runners up in Affordable Access to Electricity category with their idea Integrated Solar Generation Unit. Another team named Jaago Bangladesh’ secured 2nd Runners Up position in Energy Efficiency Lifestyle category.
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