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Orientation Program 2015:

MIST Robotics Club arranged orientation program for the first time for Fresher’s on 28th February, 2015. The orientation program is an attempt from the club to welcome the newly joined members and let them be acquainted with the club’s activities and other members.

Annual Course Program 2015:

Every year MIST Robotics Club also arranged their annual course program. The course covered various topics including basic programming, application of electronics, micro-controller programming and arduino based projects. New members of the club get opportunity to work in the club’s laboratory.


MathFest 2015:

One of our first grand events was ‘Mathfest -2015’. We celebrated math for the first time in MIST. We take this initiative to join the world wide event ‘World Math Week’. Almost 1000 students from our university participate the daylong event.   This event also got a huge media coverage & also it was appreciated by the Bangladesh representatives of ‘World Math Week’.

Robofest 2015:

It was the first ever robotics competition in MIST. A huge amount of our first year students join this event. They participate in Robofight, Project show, Poster presentation etc. We get to inspire so many from our institution, that’s what motivated us to organize a dream event where we can inspire many from many intuitions, where we can inspire Bangladesh.  This event also got huge media coverage.

Celebrating Arduino Day 2015:

For the first time MRC celebrated Arduino day in April 1st, 2015. There was a segment “Introduction to arduino and it’s importance”  to mark the event and also had some festivities and cake cutting segment

Short Course on Arduino & Robotics:

Microcontrollers are the wonders of modern digital world where in every electronics, there is a microcontroller. It is very important and very useful electronic equipment to master. The course was to introduce this fascinating technology among the members and to teach the basics in order to implement it in any project. There were a project show arranged by club in the end of the course.


Orientation Program 2016 and Launching of MRC Website:
Mist Robotics Club arranged the orientation program for newly accept members of the club on 23rd February 2016. The programme was adorned by another special event as the launching of Mist Robotics Club website. Our club welcomed the fresher’s with various events through which the members came to know about the club activities and the projects.
Several club projects and robots were demonstrated to inspire the new members.

Robolution 2016:

The biggest event of MIST Robotics club ‘ROBOLUTION’ started its’ journey last year. It is a national level robotics competition where students from all over the country can participate. Last year more than 35 government and private university and colleges took part had a total of 233 teams, divided in 7 different categories. The categories included Line Follower Race, Poster Presentation, Project Show, Robo Fight, Robotics Olympiad, Rubik’s Cube and QuadCopter Challenge. Total prize money of ‘ROBOLUTION’ was 4.2 lacks.

Shyam Sunder Sikder, ICT secretary, posts, telecommunication and information technology ministry, was present at the inauguration programme as the chief guest, where DrMuhammaed Zafar Iqbal, head of department of CSE, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, was the special guest.

Publication of Annual Magazine ‘Singularity 1.0”:
For the first time MIST Robotics Club published their annual magazine titled “Singularity” on the event date of Robolution-2016. The magazine is an effort by the club to instigate technical writing and thinking capability of the students both from MIST and outside. The magazine was handed over to all the participants of the Robolution as well.

Annual Course Program:

Just like other years, MIST Robotics Club also arranged their annual course program on 2016. The course covered subjects concerning core robotics and helped the student to get ideas about the current robotics hemisphere of Bangladesh and make him competent to participate in the competitions.

Innovation Workshop on Robotics:

On 05th August 2016, in collaboration with অক্সিজেন’ -a Noakhali based youth welfare organizations; MIST ROBOTICS CLUB conducted a day long workshop on Robotics in Lakhsmipur to promote Robotics activities outside Dhaka. More than 100 students from different schools and colleges from Noakhali were present in the workshop.

This workshop went underway with a vision to introduce students in robotics which is an emerging technological excellence in our country for the last 2-3 years. The participants were enthralled with various project displays including line follower robot, quad-rotor copter and internet based robot controller. The hard work paid off when students showed ideas like rescue robot and robots for people with physical disabilities during the idea contest held by MIST Robotics Club.

Workshop on SolidWorks & Web Development:

MIST Robotics Club arranged two separate course on “SolidWorks” and “Web Development”. The course duration was for 5 weeks continuing from 3rd to 7th week of 2nd term of MIST.  The workshop consisted of 50 students from different departments of MIST.  It was a successful one and had big appreciation from inside MIST. Certificates and prizes were awarded to the attendees after post course examination.

Robo-Fest 2016:

‘Robo-Fest’ is the very first robotics competition in MIST organized by MIST Robotics Club. It started its’ journey from the year 2015. It is an intra-university competition. In the previous year it was held in MIST with total of 3 events including Line Follower, Robo Fight and Solid Works completion. Our faculty members were present there. Total prize money of  ‘Robo-Fest16’ was 40k.


Orientation Program 2017:

Continuing our yearly tradition, MIST Robotics Club arranged orientation program for Fresher’s in GMMPH on 18th February, 2017. The orientation program is an attempt from the club to welcome the newly joined members and let them be acquainted with the club’s activities and other members.

This year our program had quite a few events like showcasing club’s projects, demonstration of line follower robot and Quad copter. There were also fun games like Sudoku and Quiz competition for the fresher’s and prizes were handed over to the winners. Club’s Councilor, President and Other notable associates gave their speech about the club and our motto as well.

MIST Robotics Club once again arranged their annual national level competition titled “Robolution-2017” on 4th March, 2017. A total of 1300 students from 37 different educational institutions took part in the competition.

The participants joined in seven segments, including line follower racing, battle of bots, solid works design, project showcasing, poster presentation, quad copter challenge and rubik’s cube.

The competition was adorned with the presence of Minister for Science and Technology Architect Yeafesh Osman who was present at the inaugural ceremony of the contest as the chief guest. Total prize money was more than 3 Lakh BDT this time.

The competition was indeed one of the biggest Robotics Competition that has been arranged in our country so far.

Publication of Annual Magazine “Singularity” :

Along with the Robolution-2017, MIST Robotics Club also published its annual magazine “Singularity”. Singularity magazine is an effort by the club to create technical writing ability and thinking among the students. We accepted creative writings from all around the country and published the magazine on the event date of Robolution.

Volunteer Appreciation Program 2017:

In order to acknowledge the efforts of volunteers who worked hard for making our events esp. Robolution possible , a volunteer appreciation program was held on 2 April, 2017.
The program included various games and technical quizzes and also there were prizes for that. This refreshing program enables everyone related to club to go forward and help MRC to soar high.

Annual Course Program 2017:
One of the main activities of MIST Robotics Club is to arrange a full robotics course for new members of the club. Classes are undertaken by students from the senior level of the club who has multiple achievements of winning Robotics Competition. The course spread through a wide range of subjects including microcontroller arduino and programming . This year the classes started from the 4th week of 1st term and continued till the 11th week of 2nd term. We believe and hope that this classes serves as a stepping stone for young robotics enthusiasts who join our club.

Idea Hunt Contest :
MIST Robotics Club arranged a different themed event named Idea Hunt Contest this year. This online idea hunt contest was an attempt to encourage the students to think about new ideas in robotics field. We received many amazing ideas from our members and best idea was awarded. The event inspired students to go ahead with their new ideas and materialize them into successful projects.

Robofest 2017:

MIST Robotics Club arranged Intra University Robotics Festival on 2nd October, 2017. The festival was designated for the members who completed the courses all through the year and to inspire them into taking part in competition.

The fest had over 60 participants this time in 4 different categories-Line Following Race, Battle of Bots, Solid works Competition and Poster Presentation. Total prize money of the program was 15000 BDT. Team Invincible MIST became champion in both Line Following Race and Battle of Bots competition. In solid works segment Nazib Eadin conquered champion position.

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