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It doesn’t only need to build a structure in order to build a robot. It also requires the knowledge of electric motor, circuitry, electronics and programming. It’s quite hard to gain the knowledge of all those within the busy schedule of MIST. Many students of different departments were interested in robotics since the beginning, but there was no combined platform for all to work together. Today’s MIST Robotics Club is the product of those useful thoughts and tireless endeavors of some strong-willed people.


Mist Robotics Club mostly known as MRC is one of the most active Robotics club of the country established on 2003. Under the supervision of EECE department of MIST, this club grew soon to become one of the most prominent club in Bangladesh by arranging national level robotics competition and workshops.

Mist Robotics Club aim to spread the enthusiasm of Robotics among students all throughout the country. The club regularly arranges routine classes and workshops among freshmen and has arranged festivals on the occasion of different days. MRC has since been glorified the institution as well by arranging National level competitions with huge success. MRC believes that beside the sincere efforts undertaken by MIST ensure proper engineering education the club can enhance a student’s caliber by making him interested in more practical works in such an aspiring line. Mist Robotics Club believes that MIST students can do wonders in this field as reflected by its motto,
“Soar High, Sky is the Limit”.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 22, 2017

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